Things that havent materialized

I know I love drawing so much (even I'm not pretty good with it), especially drawing bearded guys. Some people get me wrong about this, yes I adore them so much but no such like a mad cow. They look fine and so attractive for me. So what's the big deal? Instead I'd love to tracing over the streets and find some bearded foreigners hanging around. But Local beards are good too! ;)

But unfortunately, I don't have a free time for this. I think I should push my self to walk around the street, bring the cameras, also a few of films even it'd be exhausting trip for me.

I drew this. This is not Jesus, I told you once again, it's just the beard.

Kitten Relationship


Taken by: Wirastuti & Sekar Handareni

Birth of a Prospective Hero!

this is Pesek!

did i write down here before about wild cute cat that always come to my place every single day? if i did not, i'll tell you now. we called her, PESEK. well yes, she's absolutely lovely. she's obey to what I and my cousin say. tho, she's not ours completely. she's still free :)
one day, she brought her kitten to my place. and oh! i'd like to adopt them of course, but my cousin has a problem and reasons why she cant keep em. but well, i'm keep playing with them. because they are superb absolutely cute!

I just post one kitty here because he's the only one attract more for me. well we have not give him a name, yet. but soon, if he's grow up enough, it'd be lovely to take this one for myself!

curi curi pandang

ada yg tau apa bahasa inggrisnya curi-curi pandang? sneak peek? steal viewpoint? shy stare? pffft.


this is the questions that've just annoyed my mind:
disaat si cowok curi pandang ketika si cewek menaruh perhatian ke hal lain (disaat tidak saling bertatap muka) itu sedang berpikir apa sih? ngeliat apa? memperhatikan apa? atau cuman gak sengaja melamun ke arah si cewek sambil melihatnya? naksir si cewek? atau ada yg memanfaatkan curi pandang sebagai satu trik kah?