Birth of a Prospective Hero!

this is Pesek!

did i write down here before about wild cute cat that always come to my place every single day? if i did not, i'll tell you now. we called her, PESEK. well yes, she's absolutely lovely. she's obey to what I and my cousin say. tho, she's not ours completely. she's still free :)
one day, she brought her kitten to my place. and oh! i'd like to adopt them of course, but my cousin has a problem and reasons why she cant keep em. but well, i'm keep playing with them. because they are superb absolutely cute!

I just post one kitty here because he's the only one attract more for me. well we have not give him a name, yet. but soon, if he's grow up enough, it'd be lovely to take this one for myself!

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